Before you can create operations using Oracle EBS concurrency programs in Jitterbit, you must configure at least one EBS endpoint. 

Each endpoint represents the connection URL and login credentials for a specific Oracle EBS instance. Creating the endpoint allows Jitterbit to access the account to perform the requested operations. You must create at least one EBS endpoint in order to use the other activities available in the Oracle EBS Connector.

Create an Endpoint

NOTE: If you are not already familiar with Jitterbit, see Getting Started or Design Studio for detailed information on how to use the product.

Within your project within Jitterbit Studio, there are several ways to start a new EBS endpoint:

Configure an Endpoint

After you have created a new EBS endpoint, the configuration screen will open in the main view of Studio. You can get back to the configuration screen at any time by double-clicking on the endpoint that now appears in the tree on the left under Connectors > Oracle EBS > EBS Endpoints.

In the configuration screen, configure your new EBS endpoint as follows. The configuration screen will look similar to that below.

You can now proceed with setting up other activities through the Oracle EBS Connector that use your EBS endpoint.