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Advanced Resources


NOTE: Pages formerly located in this Advanced Resources section have been moved to other locations within Success Central. See below for a description of where to find content that was formerly located here. This section will be removed in the future.

Best Practices and Project Methodology

These pages have been moved to the Getting Started section:

Design Pattern Library and Jitterpak Library

The Design Pattern Library and Jitterpak Library sections have been renamed and moved to the Design Studio section in these subsections:

Video Library

The Video Library page has been reviewed and removed, and selected content has been moved to the Getting Training section, including these topics:

Additional videos can be found on the Jitterbit YouTube channel and the Jitterbit Resource Center.

Audit Logging with REST API

The Audit Logging with REST API page has had its content combined with that of the Audit Logging page in the Management Console section.

Plugin Library and Character Encoding

The Plugin Library section and Character Encoding page have been renamed and moved to the Agent section:

Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On section has been renamed to Jitterbit Harmony Single Sign-On and moved to the Jitterbit Security section.

Continuous Integration

The Continuous Integration page has been renamed to Incorporating Continuous Integration Practices and moved to the Design Studio How-tos section.

Legacy Version 5.x

The Legacy Version 5.x section has been renamed to Pre-Harmony and moved up to be a top-level section of the documentation.

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