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Clarizen Connector


The Jitterbit Clarizen Connector supports connecting to Clarizen, the cloud-based project management application, and exposes supported entities. This enables users to perform Create, Update, Query, and Delete operations on the exposed entities of the Clarizen application. The connector supports the Clarizen Query Language (CZQL). You can also extend the current functionality of Clarizen and integrate with other third-party systems.

Clarizen Connector Functionality

The Clarizen Connector allows you to connect to your Clarizen instance and add or delete data, update existing data, or retrieve data for use in Jitterbit integrations. The following activities are available under the Clarizen Connector in Jitterbit Studio:

  • Clarizen Connector Endpoint
    Each endpoint represents the URL and login credentials for a specific Clarizen account. Creating the endpoint allows Jitterbit to access the account to perform the requested operations. You must create at least one Clarizen endpoint in order to use the other activities available in the Clarizen Connector.

  • Clarizen Connector Create 
    Creates new data in the Clarizen instance.
  • Clarizen Connector Update
    Updates existing data in the Clarizen instance.
  • Clarizen Connector Query
    Searches for existing data from the Clarizen instance. 
  • Clarizen Connector Delete
    Deletes an existing record in the Clarizen instance.

The Clarizen application does not support a native upsert functionality. However, you can still upsert data into Clarizen using Jitterbit by chaining together Clarizen create and update operations. For further detail and examples of how to use Jitterbit to upsert data into Clarizen, see Integration Pattern for Clarizen Upsert.

Advanced Users

You can also learn more about advanced options, tips, and other reference materials under Clarizen Connector Advanced.

Access the Clarizen Connector in Jitterbit

Within your project within Jitterbit Studio, there are several ways to access the activities available within the Clarizen Connector:

  • Go to File > New > Connectors, then select the desired Clarizen activity.

  • In the tree on the left under Connectors, right-click on the Clarizen category, then select the desired Clarizen activity.
  • In the tree on the left under Connectors, double-click on the Clarizen category, then right-click on the desired Clarizen activity and choose the option to create the new activity.
  • In the top toolbar, click the connector icon (orange jigsaw piece) . In the popup, select Clarizen, then select the desired Clarizen activity.
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