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NOTE: The following steps only apply if the account is NOT a member of the Administrators group. If the account is a member of the administrators group, then no special permissions have to be granted for the account to run the Jitterbit services.

  • Create the new user account.
  • Open Services.
    •   Double-click or Right-click and choose Properties for each of the Jitterbit services.
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    •   On the “Log On” tab, change the “Log on as” option to “This account” and provide the information for the user account.
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  •  Navigate to “C:\Program Files(x86)” and right-click on the “Jitterbit Agent” folder. Go to the security tab and edit the permissions. Add the user account and grant full permissions. 
    •  This will give the user account access to most of the contents of the “Jitterbit Agent” folder, but not the files required for the services to run and for local/temp files to be used.
    •  Grant full permissions (just as described above) for the following files as well:
      •  C:\Program Files(x86)\Jitterbit Agent\jitterbit.conf
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      •  C:\Program Files(x86)\Jitterbit Agent\apache\conf\httpd.conf
      •  C:\Program Files(x86)\Jitterbit Agent\axis\axiscpp.conf
      •  C:\Program Files(x86)\Jitterbit Agent\axis\conf\server.wsdd
  • Now that the user account has access to the required files, run “C:\Program Files(x86)\Jitterbit Agent\StopServices.bat”. Once completed, run “C:\Program Files(x86)\Jitterbit Agent\StartServices.bat”. 
  • If the services start successfully when using the user account, you have completed the setup process for using a user account to run the Jitterbit services

    Jitterbit does not recommend using a Windows local user account when installing a Jitterbit Private Agent. Instead, it is recommend that a Windows local Administrator account be used to install the agent. See Installing a Jitterbit Harmony Windows Agent for details.

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