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Plugin Library


Plugins are Jitterbit- or user-provided applications that extend Jitterbit's native capabilities. For example, with plugins, you can add encryption or compression to files moving through the Jitterbit transformation pipeline.

Plugins can be executed on source/targets in an operation or within scripts regardless of the project design application:

Whether a plugin can be used in any of these places depends on the specific plugin. Some plugins can be executed only within a script. Other plugins cannot be executed within scripts but can be executed only on certain sources/targets. The manifest file for a plugin specifies the plugin's parameters and where a plugin may be used.

Jitterbit provides a selection of plugins or you can publish your own plugin.

To create a custom plugin, you can use Jitterbit's Plugin SDK. If you are using a custom plugin, you are responsible for the security of your custom plugin.

For the list of plugins available in Jitterbit Harmony, log in to the Harmony Portal, choose Management Console, then click the orange hamburger menu in the top left. From the menu, hover over Customizations and select Plug-ins.

These pages are included in this topic:

  • Creating a Custom Plugin
    Using Jitterbit's Plugin SDK, you can create and publish your own plugins for use with Private Agents. If you are using your own custom plugin, you are responsible for the security of your custom plugin.
  • Plugins Available in Jitterbit Harmony
    The list of plugins currently available in Jitterbit Harmony and whether each plugin is available for the Cloud Agent Group. All of the plugins are available for use on Jitterbit Private Agents.
  • Documentation for each plugin
    The remaining pages in this section are specific to each plugin, including a description of what the plugin does, documentation on each optional or required variable, and a link to download the plugin package, if available.

These pages are also relevant to this topic:

  • Customizations > Plug-ins
    Plugins are added and managed from the Plug-ins page of the Management Console. This includes the ability to associate Jitterbit-provided plugins with a Private Agent Group for use with Private Agents.
  • Plugins (Cloud Studio)
    Information about using plugins in Cloud Studio.
  • Apply Plug-ins (Design Studio)
    Information about how to tell whether an operation in Design Studio requires a plugin and, if so, whether the plugin is installed.
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