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Note: File compression was implemented in Harmony Version 8.9. If you are using a Version 8.9 (or higher) Private Agent, or if you are using the Jitterbit Cloud Agent Group, do not use the Zip Archive plug-in or the Unzip plug-in.

Unzips one or more source files.

UnZip.TargetDirstringfalseIf this data element is set the unzipped files will be written to this local directory.
UnZip.PreserveFileNamesboolfalseDetermines if the file names of the unzipped files will be preserved. This affects how the target macros [file] and [ext] behave. If set to true [file] will expand to the base name of the original source and [ext] will be the extenstion (normally zip or gz).
UnZip.GZIPboolfalseFlag for assuming GZIP format instead of ZIP when unzipping a file.