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A target defines the properties of a system that Jitterbit needs to connect to and post data to. The system properties vary depending on the type of target you choose. Jitterbit supports these target types:

  • Database Target
  • Email Target
  • File Share (SMB) Target
  • Flat File Target
  • FTP Site Target
  • Global Variable Target
  • HTTP Target
  • LDAP Target
  • Local File Target
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud Dataset
  • Temporary Storage Target
  • XML Target

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Temporary Storage typically located?

A: Windows Agents: C:\Windows\Temp\jitterbit\TemporaryStorage
     Linux Agents: /tmp/jitterbit/TemporaryStorage

See Editing the Configuration File - jitterbit.conf for details.

Q: What are the typical flat file target types?

A: Text (.txt) and CSV (.csv) files. Any file can be input into text, but it may not open correctly. CSV is explicit and correlates to a comma-delimited file.

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