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Security Profiles


A security profile governs and secures the consumption of Jitterbit Custom, OData, and Proxy APIs by a specific API consumer or group of consumers. A member of an organization role with Write access in an environment can create and assign security profiles to APIs based on their organization's specific security and governance requirements (see Jitterbit Harmony Permissions and Access).

Authentication options that can be configured for API consumers to access an API that is assigned a particular security profile include Anonymous, Basic, OAuth 2.0, and API Key. Supported OAuth 2.0 identity providers include Azure Active Directory (AD), Google, Okta, and Salesforce.

Creating a security profile and assigning it to an API is not required. If you do not assign a security profile to an API, the API authentication is set to anonymous and anyone can access the API.

These pages provide detailed information on configuring a security profile and configuring a supported identity provider:

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