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How do I install and configure a JDBC Driver to connect to DB2 on iSeries?

NOTE: A few customers have experienced issues connecting to DB2 on iSeries using the JDBC driver. In these cases, the issues were resolved by using the ODBC driver.
  1. Download JTOpen from The ZIP file includes the JDBC driver file jt400.jar.
  2. Install the driver in Jitterbit by unzipping the download and then copying the jt400.jar file to <JITTERBIT_HOME>/tomcat/drivers/lib/, replacing <JITTERBIT_HOME> with the path to your Private Agent root directory.
  3. Edit the file <JITTERBIT_HOME>/JdbcDrivers.conf and add this driver entry:

    <Name>IBM DB2</Name>
  4. Restart the Jitterbit Tomcat server service.
  5. The newly installed driver should now be available in Design Studio. During configuration of a source or target database, select IBM DB2 (AS400) [JDBC] from the driver selection list.
  6. Under Optionsenter a manual connection string, replacing this example with your own host, libraries, and database name (if applicable):

    Sample Connection String
    jdbc:as400://;libraries=LIB1;Database=S12345;socket timeout=30000