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Splits based upon specified size. Filenames are based upon a base name: base_file_name_00001.csv, base_file_name_00002.csv, etc.

CSVSplitter2.input_file_namestringfalseinput_file_name is the absolute path of the input file name.
CSVSplitter2.base_output_file_namestringfalsebase_file_name is used to construct the file name for split file. It must include the absolute path of the output directory with the directory separator.
CSVSplitter2.chunk_file_sizeintfalsechunk_file_size is the limit of file size for each chunk file, if it is set >0. The user must set at least one limit for chunk condition.
CSVSplitter2.chunk_record_sizeintfalsechunk_record_size is the limit of number of records, if it is set >0.
CSVSplitter2.infile_has_headerboolfalseinfile_has_header is flag to show if the input file contains header line if this flag is false, then the header_line must be provided (see next dataelement)
CSVSplitter2.CSVSplitter2.header_linestringfalseheader_line is the header pre-appended to each chunk, it should not contains the end of line or carriage return