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Before you can create Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle operations in Jitterbit, you must create at least one Fusion Lifecycle endpoint. The Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Connector technology is built into Jitterbit, and creating an endpoint is the first step in activating this capability.

Each Endpoint represents the URL of a specific Fusion Lifecycle tenant. Creating the Endpoint allows Jitterbit to access the tenant to perform the requested operations in a workspace. Each company will have to create at least one Endpoint. If your company has multiple Fusion Lifecycle tenants, an Endpoint will have to be created for each tenant.

Note: All Fusion Lifecycle Connector Operations reside within a project. You will need to create a project before you can create an endpoint.

Create New Fusion Lifecycle Endpoint

  • Click the Connector Icon (orange jigsaw piece)  in the Main Menu bar.

  • Click the Fusion Lifecycle Endpoint function in the list.

  • The Endpoint creation dialogue displays.

  • Name:Type an appropriate name for the tenant endpoint in the Name field.

  • Host:Type the URL that connects to the specific Fusion Lifecycle tenant the operation will access.

  • Login:Type the login credential that is used to access the Fusion Lifecycle tenant.

  • Click the Password button.

  • Enter a Password:  Type the login password that is used to access the Fusion Lifecycle tenant.

  • Click OK

  • Click the Save icon  in the upper right corner of the screen to save the Endpoint parameters.

Test the New Endpoint

  • Click the Test Connection button.

  • A pop-up progress window indicates the parameters were sent to the server and the test is in process.

  • A pop-up window indicates the connection is successful.

  • Click the OK button.