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Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Connector


The Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Connector allows you to connect to your Fusion Lifecycle tenant and add items to your workspace, update existing items or retrieve items for use in Jitterbit integrations.

Known Issue

There is currently a known issue with this connector:

  • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle: Authentication API V3 is not supported
    • Summary: As of December 18, 2020, Autodesk no longer supports the versions (V1/V2) of the authentication APIs used in the Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Connector. As a result, the connector may stop working.
    • Additional Info: Jitterbit is in the process of upgrading the connector to use authentication API V3.
    • Workaround: Until the connector supports V3, you must request an extension from Autodesk to continue using the connector. Autodesk is allowing extensions through March 31, 2021 to continue using V1/V2. For details on requesting an extension, see Action Required for Fusion Lifecycle Administrators Prior to December 18, 2020.

Fusion Lifecycle Connector Functionality

New Fusion Lifecycle Endpoint

Each Endpoint represents the URL of a specific Fusion Lifecycle tenant.  Creating the endpoint allows Jitterbit to access the tenant to perform the requested operations in a workspace. Each company will have to create at least one endpoint.

New Fusion Lifecycle Get

Retrieves items from the Fusion Lifecycle workspace.

New Fusion Lifecycle Create

Creates a new item in the Fusion Lifecycle workspace.

New Fusion Lifecycle Upsert

Updates an existing item in the Fusion Lifecycle workspace.  If the item does not already exist, a new item is created.

New Fusion Lifecycle Update

Updates an existing item in the Fusion Lifecycle workspace.

New Fusion Lifecycle Delete

Deletes an existing item in the Fusion Lifecycle workspace.

Access the Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Connector in Jitterbit

There are multiple methods to access the functions within the Fusion Lifecycle Connector.

Main Menu Icon

  • Click the Connector Icon (orange jigsaw piece)  in the Main Menu bar.
  • A pop-up window displays all available connectors. 
  • Click the appropriate Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle function button.

Access Fusion Lifecycle Connector from Design Menu

  • Double-Click Connectors in the Design menu to display all available connectors.

  • Click the Arrow to the left of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle to display all Fusion Lifecycle connector functions.

  • Right-Click on any Fusion Lifecycle function.
  • Select New Fusion Lifecycle in the side-bar menu to create a new operation.

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