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Adds support for certain AS2 functionality.

Jitterbit.AS2.DebugboolfalseIf this is set to true the content of some intermediate message parts are written to file.
Jitterbit.AS2.KeyStoreTypestringfalseThe type of the key store used to store private keys and certificates. Only JKS is currently supported. For future extension.
Jitterbit.AS2.KeyStorePathstringfalsePath to the key store file. Can be an absolute path or a path relative to the plugin home path. If this variable is not specified the key store is assumed to be in the plugin home directory with the name keyStore.
Jitterbit.AS2.KeyStorePasswordstringfalsePassword of the key store, if any. If not specified an empty password is assumed.
Jitterbit.AS2.SignboolfalseSpecifies that an outgoing message should be signed or an incoming signature should be verified.
Jitterbit.AS2.EncryptboolfalseSpecifies that an outgoing message should be encrypted or an incoming message should be decrypted.
Jitterbit.AS2.PrivateKeyStoreAliasstringfalseAlias for the private key used for signing outgoing messages.
Jitterbit.AS2.PrivateKeyStoreAliasPasswordstringfalseKey store password for the private key used for signing outgoing messages. See Jitterbit.AS2.PrivateKeyStoreAlias.
Jitterbit.AS2.PartnerKeyStoreAliasstringfalseKeyStore alias for the partner certificate used for encoding outgoing messages or verifying the signature of incoming messages.
Jitterbit.AS2.PayloadContentTypestringfalseValue of the Content-Type header used for the payload.
Jitterbit.AS2.AS2_FromstringfalseValue of the AS2-From header to send.
Jitterbit.AS2.AS2_TostringfalseValue of the AS2-To header to send.
Jitterbit.AS2.Message_IDstringfalseValue of the Message-ID header to send.
Jitterbit.AS2.ReceiptUrlstringfalseFor asynchronous MDN request. Set to the URL where the receipt should be sent to.
Jitterbit.AS2.Disposition_Notification_OptionsstringfalseValue of the Disposition-Notification-Options header for outgoing messages. The default is signed-receipt-protocol=pkcs7-signature; signed-receipt-micalg=sha1,md5 if this parameter is not set.
Jitterbit.AS2.FromHeaderstringfalseOptional From header value.
Jitterbit.AS2.SubjectHeaderstringfalseOptional Subject header value.
jitterbit.networking.http.request.header.Content-TypestringfalseThis is a built-in Jitterbit variable which is set when an Http EndPoint receives a request. If you don't want to rely on this variable, use Jitterbit.AS2.ReceivedContentType instead.
Jitterbit.AS2.ReceivedContentTypestringfalseSet to the Content-Type of an incoming message. If it is not set then the built-in variable jitterbit.networking.http.request.header.Content-Type will be used. If neither is set an incoming message can not be parsed and the plugin will fail.
Jitterbit.AS2.MDNboolfalseCreate an MDN. Any payload is ignored and removed from the file list.
Jitterbit.AS2.MDNMessagestringfalseFor MDN messages. The message received or to send in the MDN. This is a 7bit clear-text message that is just for informational purposes and is not parsed in any way. (Input/Output)
Jitterbit.AS2.Reporting_UAstringfalseFor MDN messages. Value of the sent/received Reporting-UA header. (Input/Output)
Jitterbit.AS2.Final_RecipientstringfalseFor MDN messages. Value of the sent/received Final-Recipient header. (Input/Output)
Jitterbit.AS2.Original_RecipientstringfalseFor MDN messages. Value of the sent/received Original-Recipient header. (Input/Output)
Jitterbit.AS2.Original_Message_IDstringfalseFor MDN messages. Value of the sent/received Original-Message-ID header. (Input/Output)
Jitterbit.AS2.DispositionstringfalseFor MDN messages. Value of the sent/received Disposition header. (Input/Output)
Jitterbit.AS2.OutHeadersstringfalseOutput variable. Send these headers to the AS2 HTTP target by sepcifying [Jitterbit.AS2.OutHeaders] as the HTTP headers. If this variable already has a value the AS2 headers will be appended to the existing ones.
Jitterbit.AS2.Digest.MD5stringfalseOutput variable. Set to the MD5 hash of an outgoing message or the MD5 hash that an incoming MDN is in response to, if available (Received-Content-MIC header).
Jitterbit.AS2.Digest.SHA1stringfalseOutput variable. Set to the SHA1 hash of an outgoing message or the SHA1 hash that an incoming MDN is in response to, if available (Received-Content-MIC header).