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9.4.2 Harmony Release Notes

Release Scheduled for the Production Cloud Agent Group February 6, 2019 in EMEA and February 8, 2019 in NA

Released to the Sandbox Cloud Agent Group January 7, 2019



  • Fixed an issue with retrieval of the NetSuite custom segments to avoid timeout errors while generating or refreshing the schemas. Harmony Release Notes

Released November 1, 2018

Included in this release are updates to Design Studio.

New Features

Design Studio

  • Citizen Integrator recipes can now be used as templates for projects directly from within Design Studio.
    In the project items panel on the left, expand the Connectors category and select an endpoint; almost 50 endpoints now have a Recipes sub-category, with over 500 total recipes available. Double-click on a specific recipe to load it in Design Studio, then modify the project in any way you choose.

NOTE: Issues were identified with the initial 9.4.1 release of Design Studio (Jitterbit Studio). These have been resolved; make sure that you are using the correct version,, available for download through the Management Console.

9.4 Harmony Release Notes

Released October 4, 2018 in EMEA and October 8, 2018 in NA

Included in this release are updates to API Manager, Management Console, Design Studio, Private Agents and Sandbox Cloud Agents.

Note to SAP EventListener customers: At the time that you upgrade your Private Agents to version 8.29.2 or higher, you will be required to upgrade the SAP EventListener to version Please contact your Customer Success Manager to obtain SAP EventListener

NOTE: The 9.4 release notes refer to Private Agent as a component of Jitterbit Harmony. Private Agents were formerly known as Local Agents.

New Features

API Manager

  • Added a 'Top Ten Dashboard' to the API 'Analytics' page.
    The 'Analytics Dashboard' displays the top 10 consumption by IP address, App/Consumer and API Name.

NetSuite Connector

  • Added support for reading and writing a NetSuite custom segment and its fields.
    NOTE:  Accessing NetSuite custom segments requires Design Studio version 9.4 and either Private Agents running version 9.4 or Sandbox Cloud Agents running version 9.4. Using the NetSuite Connector, create any operation to work with the appropriate object. The custom segment will display within the 'customFieldList' in the transformation. The value for the custom segment will be present in the target upon running the operation.

Salesforce Jitterbit Connect

  • Chunking is now available as an operation option for Salesforce Query operations.
    Using the Salesforce Query Wizard, create a Salesforce query operation. Right-click on the operation and select Options in the dropdown.  Check the 'Enable Chunking' checkbox to enable chunking.  Provide 'Chunk Size', 'Number of Records Per File' and 'Max Number of Threads'. 
  • Added support for upgrading projects to the Salesforce REST API versions 40 and 41.
    Upon launching an existing Salesforce project within Design Studio, a popup dialog will ask about upgrading the project to either of these versions. An upgrade to v41 implicitly includes the objects and features available in v40.


API Manager

  • Increased the number of logs available in the 'API Logs' page.
    The 'API Logs' page now displays the 50 most recent API logs.

Harmony Login Page 

  • Harmony now persists the organization the user selected in the previous session.
    Upon logging in to Harmony, the user will automatically be working in the same organization as their previous session. 

Management Console

  • Improved the user interface in the 'Schedules' tab and the 'Operations' tab on the 'Projects' page within 'Management Console' to provide more clarity on the effective schedule status.
    Added the 'Schedule Status' column, which contains the 'ON/OFF' toggle for the schedule, to the 'Schedules' tab. Added the 'Operation Status' column, which contains the 'ON/OFF' toggle for each Operation under the schedule, to the 'Schedules' tab. Added the 'Effective Status' column on the 'Operations' and 'Schedules' tabs, which is the calculated value of whether or not the operation will run. If either the Schedule or Operation is set to 'OFF/DISABLED' within the 'Schedules' tab, then the 'Effective Value' should be 'Operation Disabled'. If both the Schedule and Operation are set to 'ON/ENABLED' within the 'Schedules' tab, then the 'Effective Value' should be 'Operation Enabled'. 


API Manager

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the  'Save and Publish' button within 'My APIs', changed the 'SSL Only' value from disabled to enabled.
    The 'SSL Only' option within 'My APIs' now saves successfully when selecting the 'Save and Publish' button.  Click on the 'SSL Only' option to clear the checkbox and disable SSL, select 'Save and Publish', and the API saves successfully with a 'http://' URL.  Leave the 'SSL Only' enabled by default, select 'Save and Publish', and the API saves successfully with a 'https://' URL.
  • Fixed the 'List View' on the 'My APIs' page where the action names did not display upon hovering over the icons in the last column.
    On the 'My APIs' page, select the 'List View' icon. Hover over each action icon in the last column on each line to display the name of the action.
  • Fixed the 'List View' on the 'My APIs' page and the 'API Logs' page so that the last item in the list and the 'Actions' menu dropdown are not cut off at the bottom of the page.
    On the 'My APIs' page select the 'List View'. The last API in the list displays correctly and the 'Copyright' bar on the bottom of the page does not overlap on top of the last line. Select the 'Actions' menu (....) within the last API in the list on the 'My APIs' page and the page scrolls to display the full dropdown menu.  On the 'API Logs' page the last log entry in the list displays correctly and the 'Copyright' bar on the bottom of the page does not overlap on top of the last line.

Harmony Landing Page

  • Fixed an issue where the caret Indicator pointed up for expanded view in the 'Landing Page Dashboard'.
    While in the collapsed state, the caret now points down to indicate that it can be expanded. Within the expanded view, the caret now points up indicating that it can be collapsed.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on the 'Getting Started Management Console' link within 'Support & Learning' on the 'Landing Page' did not display the advanced options.
    Right-clicking on the 'Getting Started Management Console' link within 'Support & Learning' now displays the advanced options including 'Open link in a new tab' and 'Open link in a new window'.

Harmony Login Page

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from logging in to Harmony after the website was upgraded.
    Users logging in to Harmony are now directed to the landing page without delays and have access to all menus and application cards.
  • All references to 'TFA' within Harmony have been changed to 'Two-Factor Authentication' to provide clarity.

Management Console

  • Fixed an issue where editing an organization policy erroneously required a Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) expiration time even though TFA was disabled.
    Within the 'Organizations' page, select an organization and click on 'Actions > Edit Organization Policies'.  Changes to policies now save successfully when the 'TF on each login:' checkbox is blank (disabled). 
  • Fixed an issue where bookmarked pages did not redirect to the 'Login' page when a user did not have a valid session.
    Accessing a page within the Management Console by using a bookmarked page is now redirected to the 'Login' page if you are not currently logged in.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the Run window when it was shown after a project had been imported in the Management Console.
    The 'Run Imported Project Operation' popup window aligns correctly within the 'Projects' page.
  • Fixed an issue where project variables whose name contained Unicode characters did not appear in the projects page.
    Project variables that contain Unicode characters in the variable name now display correctly on the 'Project Variables' tab within the 'Projects' page.

Salesforce Jitterbit Connect

  • Fixed an incorrect validation error being thrown when the object name in a FROM clause was the same as the intermediate parent object name of a field in the SELECT clause within a relationship query.
    Using the Salesforce Query Wizard, select a Salesforce object, click 'Next', and select 'Relationship Query'. Create the relationship query (e.g. SELECT CreatedBy.Account.AccountNumber FROM Account) in which the object name in the FROM clause is the same as the intermediate parent object name of a field in the SELECT clause. Upon selecting 'Next', the Wizard will successfully continue to the next step without a validation error.

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