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Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and Private Agents. As always, please contact support if you need help. API Manager - Harmony Release Notes - Released August 23, 2018


  • API Manager: Fixed the issue where users were unable to use the 'View/Edit' button to open APIs in the list view and the card view.
    API Manager was not recognizing "legacy" APIs that were created within the 'WMC->API Management (Classic)' interface or APIs that had been imported. You can now successfully use the 'View/Edit' button to open APIs created in API Manager, APIs created in the 'WMC->API Management (Classic)' interface, and APIs that have been imported into API Manager.

9.2.2 Sandbox Cloud Agent Group - Harmony Release Notes - Released August 20, 2018

New Features

  • Added support for Sandbox Cloud Agent Group
    Jitterbit is excited to introduce the Jitterbit Sandbox Cloud Agent Group designed to allow you early and easy access to the upcoming version of the Jitterbit Cloud Agent. Learn more about setting up the Sandbox Cloud Agent Group at Agent Groups and Environments.


  • API Manager:  Re-styled the front and flip sides of the API cards on the landing page.
    The API cards on the API Manager landing page now display different icons for different types of APIs on the front side of the cards. The flip side of the API cards now display the menu of API actions.
  • API Manager: Added support for Debug Mode settings on the 'Summary & Confirmation' page.
    The user now can enable/disable 'Debug Mode' and set the 'Debug Until' date and time on the 'Summary & Confirmation' page within API Manager.


  • Identity App: Fixed the organization dropdown menu to be consistent across all Harmony applications.
    The organization dropdown menu is now sorted alphabetically within the Identity App landing page, API Manager and Management Console.

9.2.1 Harmony Release Notes - Released August 20, 2018

New Features

  • Harmony Private API Gateway
    Jitterbit is excited to introduce the Jitterbit Harmony Private API Gateway. The Harmony Private API Gateway handles incoming HTTP requests and routes them to the appropriate Jitterbit operations. API endpoint URLs can be set according to the customer's needs and to the domain name the customer owns. The customer has control over the Gateway environment, ensuring it meets the company's standards.

  • Jitterbit Harmony Docker Private Agent
    Jittterbit now supports a Jitterbit Linux OS private agent that is packaged in a Docker Container. Following the Docker standard approach to container deployment, you can deploy and run the Linux private agent anywhere that Docker runs. A new Docker Private Agent version will be released at the time each new version of Jitterbit Windows and Linux private agents are released. Jitterbit Harmony Private Docker Agent is public with available tags and instructions for installing found at


  • API Manager: The filters on the 'My APIs' page are not refreshing after switching the organization.
    All filters and application context on the 'My APIs' page now automatically refresh upon switching the organization.

  • API Manager: The scrollbar is not necessary in the 'Regenerate Documents' modal message within the 'Portal Manager' page.
    The scrollbar has been removed from the 'Regenerate Documents' modal message within the 'Portal Manager' page. 

  • Citizen Integrator:  Contents were not loading dynamically, and error messages were not displayed.
    Removing the header in the Citizen Integrator landing page also removed the error messages. Error messages relating to loading content dynamically have been moved to the body of the landing page and now display to the user when necessary. 
  • Citizen Integrator: The user was not able to delete a recipe from the 'My Recipes' page.
    Users are now able to successfully delete any recipe within the "My Recipes" page. 
  • Citizen Integrator: A 403 error displays upon selecting the 'Upload' button within the 'Generate Recipe' page and the user is redirected to the 'My Recipes' page.
    Users are now able to successfully generate any recipe within the "Generate Recipe' page. 

9.2 Harmony Release Notes - Released August 2, 2018 in EMEA and August 6, 2018 in NA

Note to all customers that have purchased and are currently running the SAP EventListener:

At the time that you upgrade your Private Agents to version 8.29.2 or higher, you will be required to upgrade the SAP EventListener to version  Please contact your Customer Success Manager to obtain SAP EventListener

New Features

  • NetSuite Connector: Added support for NetSuite Token Based Authentication (TBA).
    NetSuite users are now able to configure access to Jitterbit's NetSuite connector using token based authentication. 

    NOTE: The initial release requires downloading and running the latest version of Private Agents in order to configure NetSuite Token Based Authentication (TBA).


  • NetSuite Connector: NetSuite has certified our NetSuite Connector on the NetSuite "Sandbox2.0"
    For additional information on your NetSuite account and "Sandbox2.0" please see

  • Private Agents: Improved running a scheduled operation within an agent group containing more than one agent.
    Improved efficiency for updating the started status for a scheduled operation.
  • NetSuite Connector: Added support in the NetSuite Connector for SerializedAssemblyItem and LotNumberedAssemblyItem while doing a search on AssemblyItem.
    The SerializedaAsemblyItem and LotNumberedAssemblyItem now display in the response transformation of NetSuite Searches activity performed on the AssemblyItem object.
  • API Manager: Improved availability of APIs at time of publication and after changes are made to existing APIs. 
    New Custom or OData APIs are now live immediately. Also, any changes made to APIs take effect immediately.
  • API Manager: Added the 'Change Password' option to all module pages.
    The ability to change your password is now available within all pages within API Manager by selecting the 'Change Password' option in the dropdown menu located on the right in the page header.
  • API Manager: The Portal page within API Manager now opens in a separate browser tab.
    Selecting 'Portal' from the 'My API's' dropdown menu or selecting the "View API Documentation" link at the top of the Portal Manager page launches the Portal in a separate browser tab.
  • API Manager: Within the Publish New API pages, the 'Save Changes' button and the 'Discard Changes' link have been introduced to save or discard the auto-saved changes while editing an existing published API.
    Selecting the 'Save Changes' button or the ‘Discard Changes’ link while editing an existing published API launches a popup message giving the user two options. Select ‘Save Changes’ to save the changes as a draft and navigate to the Step 4 page to continue editing. Select ‘Discard Changes’ in the popup window to revert the API to the last ‘Published’ version or the last ‘Save as Draft’ version and auto navigate to the Step 4 page to continue editing.
  • API Manager: Added the ability to clone a published API and then change the environment on the cloned API.
    After an API is created and published, the assigned environment can be changed by cloning the published API and changing the environment assignment in the cloned version of the API.
  • API Manager: Added the ability to toggle between a card view and a list view of all APIs on the API Manager landing page.
    In the 'Card View' APIs are sorted in order of created date and APIs are sorted alphabetically by name in the 'List View'.
  • Citizen Integrator:  Improved the user interface and the workflow in Citizen Integrator.
    The 'Manage Recipes' page has been renamed to 'My Recipes'. 'My Recipes' has been moved from the bottom of the landing page to the 'My Recipes' page which is accessible by clicking the 'My Recipes' link at the top center of the landing page. Admin users will see all recipes and have access to all actions in the 'My Recipes' page. A user with' Read' access will see all recipes and only have access to the 'Deploy' action in the 'My Recipes' page. Users are now able to return to the 'My Recipes' page from within the 'Generate Recipe' page and the 'Configuration Steps' page by clicking on the 'My Recipes' link in the upper right corner of each page.


  • API Manager: Fixed the issue where swagger documentation in the Portal Manager was producing invalid YAML for any Custom method type outside of HEAD, OPTIONS, PATCH.
    Within a Custom method type, now only HEAD, OPTIONS and PATCH will be supported. Other Custom Types will be ignored in YAML generation.
  • API Manager: Fixed error in YAML on the Portal Manager page after creating and publishing a clone of a previously published API.
    'Regenerate Documents' on the Portal Manager page now generates YAML for the original published API and generates separate YAML for the published clone of the API.
  • API Manager:  Removed redundant Search Icon present on API logs page.
  • API Manager: Fixed an issue that allowed invalid combination of different security profile types to be assigned to a single API.
    Assigning a combination of different profile types (e.g. OAuth & Basic, Basic & Anonymous) to an API is not allowed. Assigning multiple OAuth profiles to a single API is not allowed.
  • Private Agent: Fixed an issue that caused a "Failed to get files" error when syncing files from a FileStore.
    Fixed an issue when the name of a file that is created on a Mac contains characters that are invalid on a Windows machine. This was causing an invalid file to be created on the Windows machine and the invalid file then cannot be used. This in turn caused an error that prevented the Agent from running operations

  • Identity App: Changing the ‘Default Organization’ value within 'My Account' is not being saved after exiting the page.
    The selected ‘Default Organization’ value is now saved and persists on login and while navigating between all Harmony applications.

  • Identity App:  Fixed the intermittent issue where selecting the Citizen Integrator card opened the Management Console in error.
    Selecting the Citizen Integrator card will now always launch Citizen Integrator.
  • Management Console: Fixed multiple user interface issues within the Organizations page in Management Console.
    Enabled sorting functionality for "Invitation Status" and "Status" columns of the Members tab, fixed the placement of the 'Permission' popup window and fixed how various scroll bars function within the Organizations page. 
  • Management Console: Fixed the 'Deploy History' popup window within the Projects page in Management Console.
    The 'Deploy History' popup window within the Projects page will now close when the mouse is clicked anywhere on the page outside of the window.
  • Management Console:  Fixed an issue where the 'Import Project' functionality within the Projects page allowed improper special characters in the 'Project Name'.
    The 'Import Project' function within the Projects page allows a subset of special characters to be entered in the 'Project Name' field.  Exceptions: These special characters are NOT allowed: \ / : ? * " < > |.  
  • Management Console:  Fixed an issue where invalid/blank values appeared in the 'To Date' field of the Calendar within the Activities page.
    Validations of Calendar date/time fields within the Activities page will be performed upon clicking the 'OK' button.
  • Management Console:  Once the 'Debug Files' tab in the lower panel within the Activities page is selected for an operation in the table that does have debug logs, the 'Debug Files' tab remains open even after subsequently selecting any other operation in the page that does not have debug logs.
    Selecting any operation within the Activities page that does not have debug logs will now also auto select the  'Messages' tab in the lower panel of the page.
  • Design Studio: Fixed the issue where hidden project variables displayed in Design Studio after script data elements were refreshed.
    Project Variables that have the 'Hide Value' option turned on remain hidden in Design Studio after script data elements are refreshed.
  • Design Studio: Fixed an issue when downloading a project with an HTTP source/target that uses a custom Verb/Method. 
    The project downloads correctly, the operation works as expected and the correct custom Verb/Method is passed to the HTTP endpoint. 
  • Citizen Integrator:  Within the Citizen Integrator page, clicking on the Citizen Integrator icon or text in the menu bar at the top of the page was redirecting the user to the Management Console in error.
    Selecting the Citizen Integrator icon or text in the menu bar will now refresh the page and remain within Citizen Integrator.

  • Citizen Integrator:  Fixed the issue in which the SAP recipes were not able to test the connection with the SAP Connector.
    Added support for the enhanced SAP Connector to allow SAP recipes to successfully test the connection within Citizen Integrator.

  • Citizen Integrator:  Fixed multiple user interface issues within the Citizen Integrator landing page.
    Removed the extra 'Dashboard' header and 'Recipes' title from the Citizen Integrator landing page. Within the 'My Recipes' page each line now displays 5 logos and a scroll bar provides access to all logos.
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