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Harmony Release Notes - June 18, 2016

Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and Private Agents. For support, visit Getting Support.

Release Highlights

  • New Feature: Cloud Caching: Harmony now allows you to store data temporarily in the cloud. The cached value is visible to all operations running in the same scope until it expires, regardless of how that operation was started or which agent it runs on. For more, seFormula Builder Cache Functions
  • New Feature: JMS Connector is now included with Jitterbit Studio and Agents as a first-class connector.
  • New Feature: JMS Listen now supports Transacted Sessions with user-controlled Commit and Rollback.
  • New Feature: Salesforce Wave - Added ability to override JSON metadata via Jitterbit script variable.
  • Improvement: Easier to make user defined changes to the Apache configuration.
  • Improvement: Private key is only required for SFTP private key authentication.
  • Fix: Performance improvement for Salesforce query when committing target chunks to database.


  • New Feature: Salesforce Wave Improvement: Added ability to override JSON metadata via Jitterbit script variable. This gives project authors complete customization control over metadata, such as overriding dataset security. See Overriding JSON Metadata in Salesforce Wave Analytics for more.

  • New Feature: Jitterbit Live Improvement: Added ability to override HTTP response code for custom APIs via Jitterbit script variable. This is done by setting the $jitterbit.api.response.status_code variable in the script that is executed by a Custom API. This allows project authors to set a specific HTTP error code (along with actual payload information) versus relying on the system to return codes 200 or 500 based on default behavior.
  • New Feature: JMS Connector is now included with Jitterbit Studio and Agents as a first-class native connector, just like Salesforce, Netsuite, Quickbooks, etc.
  • New Feature: JMS Listen now supports Transacted Sessions with user-controlled Commit and Rollback. This feature safeguards the message from being lost if an issue occurs during processing.  It also allows for precise control on deciding when a message should be considered "processed" within a business use-case.
  • Improvement: Added support for specifying character encoding for input text files in Studio. (See Supported Character Encodings)
  • Improvement: Added a feature to turn a DataElement object into a string, and vice-versa. This is using the JSON format and only applies to DataElementStrings.
  • Improvement: It is now easier to make user defined changes to the Apache configuration by including a user controlled configuration file (see config file \apache\conf\extra\httpd-jitterbit-local.conf for additional instructions).
  • Improvement: There is now a new way of having data elements related to a chunk when you use chunking of an Operation. You call SetChunkDataElement() in a script and then you can use that data element e.g. in the target file name.
  • Improvement: Now Jitterbit only requires the private key for SFTP private key authentication.
  • Improvement: Recognize invalid application id error for NetSuite endpoints 2015.2 and up.
  • Improvement: One must now specify the JMS Provider information in the JMS_ProviderInfo_User.conf file which is placed in the $JITTERBIT_HOME/Connectors/JMS directory. The JMS Providers supplied by the agent are specified in the JMS_ProviderInfo.conf file which should not be modified by user.
  • Fix: We have corrected the problem with false notifications that a project is out of date when opening a project in the Studio. Note: Even after upgrading to the 8.12 Studio, the false warning may appear for old projects. The warnings should go away once the project has been deployed from that Studio.
  • Fix: Fixed regression in re-deployment of a project that uses XML Schema/WSDLs.
  • Fix: Fixed a segmentation fault in SOAP request transformation when a derived type has not been selected.
  • Fix: Fixed an error in JMS when no value is set against a key in any of the customMessageProperties. It will no longer send those empty values to the JMS Provider.
  • Fix: Performance improvement for Salesforce query when committing target chunks to database.
  • Fix: Fixed the operation history showing records to database from Salesforce query when is set on
  • Security Enhancement: Upgraded Apache Camel to 2.16.3.
  • Security Enhancement: Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1t.
  • Security Enhancement: Jitterbit Tomcat service will only listen to the network interface.


  • New Feature: The JMS Connector is now always available in the Studio.
  • Improvement: Improved detection of errors in Scripts and mappings for script functions that use different project items as input.
  • Improvement: Improved mouse hover display of allowed values for XSD enumerations in the Transformation mapping tree.
  • Improvement: Improved the user experience when importing a Jitterpak that contains Project Variables.
  • Improvement: When testing a script that references other items in the project, the Studio now checks if any of the referenced items needs to be deployed and prompts the user to deploy them before starting the test.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that caused the MSAX endpoint timeout property to be ignored during the run time. After upgrading the Studio to this version, endpoints that use a non-default timeout must be re-deployed for the timeout setting to take effect.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue in the SFDC wizards that prevented changes to be made to the source File Format in the wizards source review page.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that caused the Studio UI to be stuck in a permanent wait state when cancelling the download of a project.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that caused the wrong username to be reported as the user that last deployed a project.
  • Fix: The XML source tree in Studio should show multiple instances under a loop of oneOf.
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