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If you have more than one Harmony environment, you can migrate projects from one environment to another. You can migrate projects regardless of if they have already been deployed.


The option to migrate a project is accessible from the project toolbar and from the design canvas:

  • Project Toolbar: Click the actions menu icon  to open the actions menu. From the menu, select Migrate:

  • Design Canvas: Along the top of the design canvas, click the orange deploy/migrate icon. From the menu, select Migrate:

On selecting this option, a migration configuration screen opens where you can choose the target environment:

  • Current Environment: The environment where the project is located.

  • Target Environment: Use the dropdown to select the existing target environment that you want to migrate to.

    WARNING: If a project with the same name already exists in the target environment, all project components, including values of project variables in that environment, will be overwritten.
  • Migrate: Click to migrate the project to the selected environment. If there is already a project with the same name in the target environment, a message asks you to confirm that you want to migrate, as this will overwrite the existing project with the same name. On successful migration, the project in its new environment will open in the project designer.

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