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There are three types of notifications in Jitterbit Harmony:

  • Cloud Studio Notifications: Notifications configured in Cloud Studio that are triggered on success or failure of an operation or kicked off from a script. This is the notification type discussed within this topic.
  • Management Console Notifications: Notifications configured in the Management Console that trigger when a Private Agent goes down or your Harmony password is about to expire. This type of notification is covered under Notifications (Management Console).
  • System Status Notifications: System status notifications that provide real-time information on Jitterbit system performance. See System Status Notifications to learn more.

The page below is included in this topic. Additional notification types are planned to be added over time.

  • Email Notifications
    Notifications configured in Cloud Studio are triggered by an operation action or kicked off from a script. Email notifications can be used to automatically send an email on success or failure of an operation or on calling the script.
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