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This page describes how to create additional front-end users in Salesforce. These new users can then log in to the Salesforce website and manipulate the data according to your organization's requirements.

A dedicated Salesforce user should be used for certain Cloud Studio process templates.

Creating a New User in Salesforce

Follow these steps to create a new user in Salesforce:

  1. Log in to the Salesforce Classic UI and click Setup:

  2. In the left sidebar under Administer, expand the Manage Users section and select Users:

  3. On the All Users screen, click the New User button:

  4. On the New User screen, fill in the appropriate information for the new user. The User License changes depending on the Role you choose. Select a Role and User License appropriate for your organizational needs:

When you are done, click Save. The new user will receive an email with activation instructions.

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