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In the DevelopmentCollaborators page, collaborators with a Manager role can add other collaborators and specify their access roles for an organization's App Builder app.

Managing Collaborators

The Manager role by default is given to the Jitterbit Harmony member who created the app. That person can then add additional collaborators and define their access with either a Developer or Manager role:

  • Developer: Has the ability to modify the app, but cannot access app management features in Development.
  • Manager: Has the ability to modify the app, add or remove collaborators, and release new versions of the app.

Jitterbit Harmony members that are not in the collaborators list for an app will not see that app in the App Builder menu. To be added as a collaborator, a user must already be a Jitterbit Harmony member in the Harmony organization. 

NOTE: See Organizations in Management Console to learn how to set up Harmony access for members in your organization.

WARNING: Do not remove or change the role of the default Manager entry created for your Jitterbit Harmony account. Doing so will lock you out of the app you are working on. You will have to recreate the app if you didn't define any other managers beforehand.

Adding Collaborators

To add new collaborators to an app, they must first be defined as Jitterbit Harmony members with the permissions required to access App Builder in the Management Console.

Once complete, you can add members to the collaborators list by clicking Add collaborators and teams and selecting them from the options that appear in the dropdown. Collaborators already added to the collaborators list do not appear in this dropdown to prevent duplicate entries.

Changing Collaborator Roles

To change a collaborator's role, click the Role dropdown in their collaborators list entry and select the new role you want to assign them.

Removing Collaborators

To remove collaborators from an app, click the Delete button in their collaborators list entry and confirm that you want to delete the collaborator.

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